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Fragen zum Thema Akquisition, Marketing, AdWords, Mail, Social, Channels, Attribution? Frage hier wie Du deine SEM-Kampagnen mithilfe der Daten aus Analytics optimieren und so die Gesamtleistung deines Unternehmens steigern kannst.

linking adwords to analytics

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1. I read https://support.google.com/analytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&utm_id=ad&answer=1033961 in order to link adwords with analytics. In point 5., it tells me to click the 'data sources tab', but such does not exist. how can I link my accounts?


2. In my analytics account; I have many domains. In adwords, I want to set up two campaigns that are each linked to two different domains. can I do that? 

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Hi skerkhof,


(1) If you are able to read our German FAQ [1] please check out answer 2 there - basically you find "Data Source" in 


   Admin > All Accounts > Your Account Name


(2) That's no problem - just do your campaigns in AdWords and link your AdWords with your Analytics account. Then the AdWords data will be imported to your Analytics account. If you want to keep your Analytics reports clean from unrelated AdWords-campaign data you can employ answer 5 in FAQ [1] and apply a profile filter in Analytics with "Kampagnenname" (Campaign Name) or "Kampagnen-Ziel-URL" (Campaign Target URL).


Cheers, Christoph


[1] AdWords & Analytics verknüpfen (FAQ)