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Exclude sessions from specific traffic source

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Hi GA-Users,


I currently struggle with the following analysis: I want to analyse the performance of our internal promotion areas (already reported in Conversions/ECommerce/Marketing/Internal Promotions).

The goal is to see which promotion areas are performing apart from the one's that are pushed via Newsletter. But how can I exclude sessions that directly came from the Newsletter? I don't want to exclude all sessions by Newsletter, because it's still relevant to see which other pages these people browsed through after landing on the promoted page. 


My try was to create a session-based segment that excludes all traffic from the according Medium and apply that segment to the Internal Promotion Report. 

Does this give me correct numbers in terms of excluding all sessions that directly came from our Newsletter? 

As a test I created the counter-segment (sessions that directly came from NL) and applied it to the All Pages report, which almost probably didn't show me the correct numbers, because we don't link to shown top pages from our Newsletter. 


Can anybody help? 

Thanks in advance!