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Track complex sales funnel

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I have a group of product pages that can be reached in one, two or three steps (depending on the click path). I.e. the user lands on the starting page and can then step on to a product directly or by e.g. using a product advisor. Once on the product page the user can proceed to purchase the product.

So two possible "funnels" are:

Start page - product - purchase

Start page - advisor - product - purchase


I would like to track the "sales funnel" from before the users hits the product page in order to see if they drop out somewhere before they even reach the specific product pages. Specifically what I am aiming to track is:

- how many users enter the funnel

- where they drop out of the funnel

- on which path how many users get to the product pages

- how many users convert. 


I tried a couple of things already:

- Built-in funnel feature: Doesn't give the right numbers because I have different numbers of steps. A purchase can be made in e.g. either the 3rd or fourth step and I can't disaggregate the data once the funnel is set up.

- Sequence-based segments to get a funnel view: The issue is that users can look at more than one product page and their unique page views are counted multiple times in that step. 

E.g. I have 100 unique page views on the start page, 80 on the product advisor and then 200 in the third step where I have "product 1 OR product 2 OR ....".

- Content grouping to group the product pages in order to backtrace where the users came from: That doesn't seem to work properly either because I can't create proper reports with this.


Any ideas on how to best approach this problem are much appreciated.


Thank you do much,

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Betreff: Track complex sales funnel

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Betreff: Track complex sales funnel

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Hi Thorsten,

Thank you for your reply!
Unfortunately I won't be able to add tracking codes - I am hoping to find a way to do this in the GA web interface directly.

Thanks again,