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Exclude internal traffic

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Dear all,


I know this is an old topic and I searched (and found) a lot of stuff on the internet. However, nothing worked for me.


We want to exclude our own traffic from the office. We do have a static IP, which is "80.147.135.X", this is validaded through whatsmyip website.


I attached a screenshot of my filter options in Analytics. I also tried the complete IP adress, however we are using the anomynous IP function so to my knowledge this does not work as well.


->can anybody provide me with a suggestion what will work?


Thanks a lot,




2017-12-12 10_34_45-Analytics.png

Exclude internal traffic

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Hello Bavarianparts, 


for me, they way you showed, worked for me. It`s not exactly, because people of the ip range, who visit the page will be count. 

But i see, that in my "include" view there are so few, thus it is okay. 


To do it right, i recommend this article: 


The only problem is, that it is in german ;-)