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Postcard for the activation

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Rang 5


I never saw a post man in this city here in North Cyprus. I also went to the post office and asked for my post, but they have no plan. Dont know, if I will be ever able to receive any post here on my address. But I need the card to activate my account.


Maxim Yazici

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Postcard for the activation

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Top Beitragender

HI @Maxim Y

North Cyprus needs to be united as soon as possible with the EU part in the south of your island.

Hopefully then the postal service becomes better and  more efficient.

In the meantime the only advice I can give you is explained below:


You are supposed to request the PIN to your physical address and then to wait:

If you have been waiting more then 14 days for a postcard then your best option would be to contact business support

I recommend getting in touch with GMB support via one of these options and ask for help in getting verified:

You can call also Google My Business here.